What Is UV Stabilized Plastic and Why Is It Useful?

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acrylic plastic for UV protection

With the widespread use and application of plastic today, there has also been a rise in a number of special plastics to help improve performance and prolong their use. One of the most common additives is UV stabilizers – a stabilizer added to plastic products that keeps them safe from the long-term degradation that UV light can subject to them during constant exposure. The stabilizers either absorb or screen UV radiation to prevent damage from occurring. Here’s why this type of plastic is useful in some of the following examples.

1. It Protects Sensitive Equipment From UV Damage

If you have sensitive equipment that you need to keep safe from the adverse effects of long-term exposure to UV light, you’ll need to use UV stabilized plastic. This equipment includes scientific machinery, marine equipment, and even enclosures for outdoor security systems. This treated plastic makes sure that equipment functions normally throughout its lifespan and doesn’t degrade rapidly due to weather. Therefore, it helps save money by making sure that these items last their full lifespan and serve their purpose effectively without having to be replaced any sooner.

2. It’s Used in Safety Windows

Safety windows also make use of plastic that is UV stabilized as doing so makes sure that they can keep the interiors safe from prolonged sun exposure. Using stabilizers in safety windows is a popular application for windows in commercial buildings in places with sunny climates. They keep the furniture and other indoor items safe from the sun while letting the light in harmlessly.

3. It’s a Part of Personal Protective Equipment

acrylic plastic for UV protection

The third application of UV stabilizers is in personal protective equipment for workers who need protection while working outdoors for extended periods. Using this type of treated products keeps them safe at all times and ensures that they can work comfortably without having to take additional and potentially expensive measures.

As long as plastics are used in manufacturing, additives like UV stabilizers will be essential. But not all additives are created equally. If you’re looking for quality plastic additives, give us a call at Phoenix Plastics and learn about the different stabilizers that we offer.

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