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More Than Just Another Additives Company

Phoenix Plastics is more than just another plastic additives company, and that’s thanks to Rod Garcia our president and CEO, and a renowned industry expert who holds several patents.  Along with our entire Phoenix Plastics team who pride themselves on personalized service. We are also ISO: 9001 Certified!

Injection Molding

Process aids for a wide range of resin systems, flow enhancers, mold releases, foaming agents and purges.
* Process Aids
* Purge
* Chemical Foaming Agents
* Stabilizers

Extrusion Additives

Complex geometry or simple profile extrusion masterbatches to improve productivity, quality, foaming agents and purges.
* Process Aids
* Chemical Foaming Agents
* Stabilizers
* Essential Oils

Blow Molding Additives

Contains parison stabilizers, process enhancers, aids to reduce the build up of dyes, shut downs and purges.
* Process Aids
* Stabilizers

Film & Sheet Additives

Wide range of process aids and thermal stabilizers, anti-microbials, and vapor corrosive inhibitors.
* Process Aids
* Stabilizers
*Essential Oils


At Phoenix Plastics we offer a wide variety of high-value plastic additives and compounding services.

Purging Compounds

Purging compounds clean your machinery before you change colors or resins. They can also remove specks in finished batches.
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Chemical Foaming Agents

If you're looking to reduce costs, save material, and improve weight reduction, chemical foaming agents (CFA) are the way to go.
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Process Aids

Process Aids help to improve the extrusion process. Die lines and flow marks can both be reduced with process aids.
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UV light and heat can weather the polymers you're using. Stabilizers can counteract this by offsetting reactions like oxidation.
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Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

If surface corrosion is an issue with your plastics products, vapor corrosion inhibitors can help solve the problem in a timely manner.
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Many plastic consumer goods can be exposed to dangerous microorganisms. Our additives prevent these from doing damage.
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Essential Oils

Essential oils have various uses, from repelling insects to prolonging the freshness of food, our oils have an impressive array of uses.
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Degradable Additives

Degradable additives reduce the life of plastics for a more eco-friendly outcome without pre-degradation, yellowing or odors.
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Flame Retardants

Our flame-retardant plastic additives reduce the risk of fire and can be used with injection molding, extrusion and other processes.
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And Much More!

Whatever your additive need, Phoenix Plastics has the high quality and fair prices your company deserves. We’re forecasting tomorrow’s technology today, so let us help you stay one step ahead of your competition. Contact us today!

Quality Formulas Make For Better Solutions

Phoenix Plastics strives to ensure conformity of its products and services, and the enhancement of customer satisfaction.


Located in Conroe, TX, just north of Houston, Phoenix Plastics was founded in 1996 but our staff has more than 75 years of experience in the plastic industry. Our testing and processing takes place in-house, which allows Phoenix Plastics to maintain high quality standards. Phoenix Plastics is an ISO:9001 certified company.


5400 Jefferson Chemical Rd
Conroe, TX 77301

1.866.760.2311 / Fax: 936.760.2322

Location Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST
Dock Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM CST


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