Ripening Process

How to Stop the Clock on Ripening

If you are in the industry of plastic manufacturing, you have likely used additives in one way or another. According to Statista, 35% of additives used in manufacturing are classified as flame retardants. When it comes to plastics that are being produced for food use, however, there is certainly more nuance to selecting the right product to stop the ripening process.

Plastics and food are inextricably linked. If your production includes products for food storage in any way, utilizing Gaia Fresh EG 600 Plus may be just what you need. Phoenix Plastics has introduced a new product to their line of plastic additives for just this purpose.

Here are three ways your production will benefit from the addition of Phoenix’s Gaia Fresh EG 600 Plus.

Control the Ripening Process

The purpose of Gaia Fresh is to slow the ripening process of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other foods. This works by controlling exposure — and therefore absorption — of ethylene gas. Gaia Fresh prevents oxygen and water vapor permeation. Considering its use in the food storage production process, Gaia Fresh has been developed using GRAS-approved and FDA-compliant additives.

Spoiling Process

Novel Product

Because Gaia Fresh is so new, not many plastic additives suppliers provide a similar product. By taking advantage of Gaia Fresh’s novelty, you can increase your production value. Phoenix’s innovation of the Gaia Fresh has no effect on color, so you can continue to produce colorful products for your food storage clients.


Gaia Fresh EG 600 maintains good bubble stability when run as low as 6um. Considering this additive’s potential applications, its micronized components make it ideal for use on film. Moreover, a little product goes a long way in your production. Gaia Fresh is available in either a 50 lb. box or 220 lb. drum, from which either size will have plenty of additive for many projects.

If your production includes food storage, incorporating Phoenix Plastics’ Gaia Fresh EG 600 Plus is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition; your novel capability will contribute to exceptional product development.

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