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What Are Purging Compounds?

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Purging compounds help clean or purge the machines that mold plastics. Due to the qualities of the plastics used in molding machines, it takes special compounds to break them down and wash them out of the crevices of the machines. 

Companies that use thermoplastic molding machines must have appropriate purging compounds on-hand to properly clean each machine. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the machine and cross-contaminating different projects.

Types of Purging Compounds

There are three basic types of purging compounds that remove residue on a machine from a previous job in different ways.

Mechanical Purging Compounds

Mechanical purging compounds use force to push the residue out of the machine. They are heavier and thicker than other options and can physically wash the residue out. However, there may be better choices for deep cleaning since they can struggle to get into the deeper, smaller parts of the machine.

Chemical Purging Compounds

Chemical purging compounds rely on a chemical reaction to break down the residue to wash it out. They essentially eat away at the residue and absorb it so the remnants can wash out with the purging compound. Usually, this method requires a long soak it’s effective, but it’s great for deep cleaning.

Liquid Purging Compounds

Liquid purging compounds are similar to chemical purging compounds in that they use a chemical reaction. The reaction breaks the bonds between the resin and the machine, softens the resin, and allows easy rinsing. In essence, these compounds make the remnants liquid and easier to wash from the machine.

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Benefits of Purging Compounds

Regardless of which purging compound you use, you should use one regularly. They improve the quality of production by stopping cross-contamination, resulting in:

  • Fewer parts with color defects
  • Fewer parts rejected due to uniformity issues
  • Fewer parts with physical defects
  • Longer machine life without significant repairs

These advantages save your company’s bottom line by reducing the number of failed parts and long-term maintenance costs.

Learn More About Purging Compounds From Phoenix Plastics

Every company that makes plastic parts should use purging compounds as a part of their production process.  Contact Phoenix Plastics now to learn more about our commitment to providing the best quality plastic additives and service to our customers.



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